Who we are ...

Gulf International Company Ltd is one of the first privately owned and operated shipping and legal companies in Libya since 1992.

The company offers a variety of shipping and maritime related services including shipping agency marine surveyors, maritime lawyers and consultants, claims settlement, and P & I representation, also the company represents London (Beaumont & Son) .

Gulf International is managed by Dr R Mgherbi (PHD, MSc, DPSA, MCIT, FCI) who is a well known authority in the shipping, maritime,civil aviation and insurance business in Libya and elsewhere, with a very expert and well trained staff in all Libyan ports.

The company, with its good and respected relationship with all shipping and legal organizations in Libya and abroad has a very good reputation of getting the work done with minimum expenses and loss of time which, of course, reflects on the operation of the vessel and the owner.

With the new privatization of Libyan businesses including the shipping and maritime section, Gulf International will have more to offer in the Libyan and international markets as the company credibility and honesty is a well known trade mark for Gulf International.

Gulf International Manager

Dr. Ramadan M. Mgherbi

Dr. Ramadan M. Mgherbi